We are very excited with the response to the AHF. We now realize there are many individuals who are looking for an organization not focused on money & finance but focused on the Martial Arts. You will find this organization accessible, honorable and solely focused on the Martial Arts. Below are some of the highlighted comments and emails we have received: 


Hello Master Ehnle,

I ran across your website via an article written on ethics in martial arts schools. I just wanted to say it was a great article. I am an aspiring school owner who is trying to stand behind everything you pointed out. It's really inspiring to see you have been open so long and have achieved success running a school like a school rather than a business. 
I come from a kind of mixed background as far as industry standards go. From training in a small kung fu school in a basement in Brooklyn to a more commercial oriented school in Kansas City. I ran a school here in KC for many years before I was finally kicked out for refusing to sue a student for a contract amount after his father was deported. It was the last straw if you will. I had a reputation for canceling contracts and attending seminars to further my understanding of what I was trying to teach, then getting chewed out for it by the "master". Many of my students got together and essentially demanded I open a school and I did. I also ran across a true instructor in the art I practice who has really expanded my knowledge in my style. Been going for about a year now and while things are definitely tight I seem to be slipping by with a slow rate of growth that keeps the doors open and the lights on. 

Anyway thanks for the article I hope more people take the time to read it if they are looking for a martial arts school. 

Chris Hutchings
Chuan Fa Martial Arts Academy

Master Ehnle

Thought I would drop you a note to let you know that I was offered a lifetime membership in the WHA and accepted the offer.  I still want to maintain my individual membership with the AHF.  GM P hates you guys enough to specifically mention your organization and that's the best recommendation I can think of for being a member.

(name withheld for privacy)

( great email, thank you!).....  Proof that magazine ads are just that..............magazine ads....  they do not make a Grandmaster or any other martial artist for that matter. Substance, skill, ethics and integrity are what makes a martial artist and most of us can see right through the smoke and mirrors.........

Hello Master Ehnle,

You may not remember me but I was in ICHF and left organization about 2
years ago after some differences with GM Pellegrini. I wanted to discuss
with him some ideas on a seminar where I live in NC, and the only thing he
wanted to talk about was how much it costs and what his requirements were to
put on the seminar. Most of our conversations although starting on martial
arts ended in money talk. I was not impressed. Sorry, if you still have ties
to him you may not like what I am saying but to each is own. I thought you
were a fine respectable martial artist though and could not help to take a
second look when I saw your name on the World Hapkido site as a new
 member in which I also joined after leaving Pellegrini. I think Master Choe's
techniques are awesome and the way he teaches reminds me of when I was in
Aikido. He takes a few categories of techniques Boo Chae, Hei Jun , Pal Kum
Chi , etc... and shows several ways to defend using those in which I think
is a much better way to teach and learn Hapkido. Aikido uses this same
principle. Anyway I just thought I would send you a note and hope that
everything is going well. Maybe I will see you again in the future at a
World Hapkido seminar.



   I am interested in joining your organization. I am a 4th Dan Hapkido, 4th Dan Taekwondo, Guro in Kali~Silat, and a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I have become disgusted with the politics of many of the bigger name Hapkido organizations. I am sure you have as well. Currently, I am stationed in Korea and it's not much better here. As a career Soldier, I have been assigned as a Combatives Instructor both at the basic training level and at the unit level. I have certified over 150 Drill Sergeants and 2500 Soldiers in Hand to Hand Combat. I have used Combatives recently in Iraq, and know that they work.

The Korean Hapkido Federation is fragmented with several big name GM's fighting for position since there have been some changes in leadership here as well in the states. The GM I have been training with here has shared that information with me. They are not sure that it will get better either.

I feel that I would be able to offer something to your organization as well as you offering me a home to rally my students around. Please send information on school charter, gup and dan rank test requirements, etc.

Thank you in advance,



Good Afternoon, Master Ehnle and Master Rodriguez,

   I am not sure if you remember me, I met  Master Ehnle last year in Kentucky and was at a few seminars with Master Rodriguez.
  It was a big surprise to hear that both of you were not with the ICHF, but I can see why. It is very nice to see you two join forces.
  A lot of what you were saying on your website I agree with. I am pressured to have a Seminar here this year with GM P,  of course the prices went up again. I lose money with the ICHF, t-shirts, videos, seminars, etc. At times I feel more as a retail shop for the ICHF then a Martial Artist. (it's no longer fun)
  Well it is very nice to see that both of your are doing a wonderful thing and moving on.
Thank you for letting me vent.

(Signature withheld for privacy)


Hello Master Ehnle, 

  It has been a long while since I last emailed you.  It may have been a few years ago.  How are you doing?

  I have been out of training for a few years due to work scheduling and health problems.  I plan on resuming my training the first of the new year.

   I just recently checked out the ICHF web page and noticed some changes.  Two of which concerned me.  I noticed that you and Pedro Rodriquez were no longer listed.  Have you broken away from the ICHF?  I lost contact with people in the association and was not aware of these changes.  It disappoints me to know I may never get the opportunity to train with you. I have admired you for a long while, and have always had a strong interest in pressure points.  I have trained with Pedro several times and was very impressed with his knowledge and skill.

   In any case, I just wanted to say hello and maybe we will someday meet and train together.

(Name Withheld for Privacy)

Master Frank Ehnle,  

  Wow!!!!!!!   I just read your e-mail and I am thrilled and happy for you, me & everybody that will be affialliated with the American Hapkido Federation.  That is great news!!!!!    Thank you for such an inspiring e-mail.  The way you write puts a glow & hope back into martial arts for me,....Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!

Former ICHF Member
(Signature Withheld for privacy)


Dear Master Ehnle,

   I think we would like to have you come in for some seminars. If you will sort of look at the other web site and tell me what you think, I am just curious.      However I like what I hear in your program, and we are considering being involved in your program. I have had a little training in Small Circle jujitsu and like the locking and applications.

Thank you,

 (Signature withheld for privacy)


Dear Master Ehnle,

I purchased the first two pressure point videos last year (through the ICHF)
and found them to be an excellent source for incorporating pressure point
knowledge into practical self defense applications.
I am considering purchasing the other two pressure point videos also. What
areas are covered on these videos? Also I noticed on your website a
reference to videos & a book on pressure points but couldn't get to a link to
order same. Are these some projects in the works that I should wait for?


Master Ehnle,

I am a Licensed Instructor with a ICHF Charter School in **********,**.  I may be interested in leaving the ICHF and would like to know more about the AHF.  If there are no representatives at the MAIA Super Show then I would like to schedule a time to call you to talk about this.  I see you were with the ICHF at one time as was Board Member, Master Pedro Rodriquez.  


(name withheld for privacy)

Master Frank Ehnle,
     Is there any availability of your Older DVD's that you produced when
you associated with ICHF?  I've read a review on a Message board, that
spoke of these DVD's as a great resource to any Martial Artists interests
in Pressure Points.

The one I was referred to is:

"Master Frank Ehnle's Combat Hapkido Pressure Points volumes 1 and 2"

Thank You

Hi Frank: 

I was doing a little surfing, and came across your web site. I
think what you are doing is great. I am no longer with the ICHF, for all
the reasons you mentioned. In fact I have sold my school, and am only
teaching a couple of nights a week, just to stay in shape, and keep up
my skills. Skills that were not being enhanced in any way through the
ICHF. I wish you the best of luck. More organizations like yours are
what the Martial Arts needs. It may take a while, but the so called GM's
with limited skills in technique but great skills in Sales and
Marketing, will eventually fall apart.
Keep up the good work, and say Hi to Pedro for me

(Signature withheld for privacy)

IFFor those unaware, some of these emails refer to my previous Hapkido organization experience. Before starting The American Hapkido Federation I rose to the position of Executive Vice President in the ICHF.  I receive emails to this day regarding my past experiences with the ICHF.  As you see the latest emails are from 8/07. I was the Pressure Point Hapkido instructor for the ICHF. Pellegrini had a very  high opinion of my skills, my personal ethics, my family and my school. This is evident from this honor roll mention below.  Those that know him and how he operates can assume his opinion may have changed somewhat since I departed.    : )