Registration $250 (please email us first for school membership) 
Includes Instructor info, school plaque, and patches
Annual Renewal $125 
Branch School renewal $100 (includes branch certificate)
Student Registrations - Free
Annual Student Renewals - (not necessary)
Gup Parchment Certificates 25 for $25
Black Belt Parchment Certificate on Marble Plaque - $35 

902 W. Robertson St
Brandon, Fla. 33511

Training Resume' and Certificate verification required


* Reality Based Hapkido Training Safe for all adults
* Ethical testing standards for black belts and instructors
Our instructors must qualify
* Professional Training support for schools and individuals
* Staff training program for a variety of Martial Art subjects

* Uniform and Ethical Standards of Rank & Hierarchy for all members.
* Concise detailed non-repetitive seminars for our members
* Reasonable prices on certifications, seminars and products
* True focus to further the Martial Art of Hapkido not revenue and finance
* Ethical and moral leadership -
Our Grandmasters do not smoke, drink excessively and use foul language
* Physically fit highly skilled Martial Artist Staff-
No phony weekend warriors only full time instructors who know the entire curriculum and can demonstrate it at any time any place. No excuses!
* No Individual membership renewals for school members-
Why pay useless unfair fees?
* No Pressure to hold or attend seminars or meet quotas. -
No threatening phone calls to hold or show up for seminars!


Let me first clarify by saying we have the utmost in respect for traditional styles and traditional training. My students can testify to the fact that I constantly pay homage to the traditional practice of Hapkido. Without traditional Hapkido we would not have a style to practice. With that said, we are different, and here is why:

* No exaggerated throws or falls, all street finishes only
* We never put our back on the ground during technique
(you'll get your teeth kicked in by the 2nd attacker)
* Extensive pressure point/vital point training before, during after after technique
* No dance moves drill training, we react as you would on the street, 

    (stop dancing and get to the lock already.)

* No choreography between you and your partner, 
    (unfortunately the attacker on the street does not know those steps.)
* A new reactive street method approach to Hapkido,  our approach is complete with takedowns, submission finishes and pressure points. (
How is it that some Hapkido organizations do not even show a takedown after technique????)
* Concise footwork training to understand how to strengthen your base while weakening the base of your opponent.  Not old fashioned dance moves, the real deal in footwork and base training. Want to test your current training, put in some real resistance drills.
* Oh yes and most importantly............ resistance drills. The art of getting in harmony with your opponents energy. The truest definition of Hapkido.

ORGANIZATION QUESTIONAIRE Questions to ask about your current organization

1) Does your current organization require enrollment fees from each or your students?

2) Does your current organization require annual renewals for each  of your students?

3) Does your current organization require that you use their certificates?

4) Does your current organization promote  without a proper testing or time in grade?

5) Does your current organization mandate that you host or attend seminars?

If you answered "Yes" to some or all of these questions, its time to find another organization!


 Some have asked, how it is the American Hapkido formed and how I became president. Well, I must say first of all it was not my desire or intention to ever form an organization. The AHF was formed when several schools left and disassociated with the ICHF for a variety of reasons. Like many others we simply got tired of the constant financial drain, the insincere and unethical Grandmaster who was solely focused on money and not Hapkido. The promotion of instructors and black belts just by writing a check.

  Master Frank Ehnle and Master Pedro Rodriquez were former Executive Vice Presidents of the ICHF. Master Ehnle had the idea of keeping  the schools in central Florida together and he formed the AHF. The AHF became a brotherhood of serious Martial Arts practitioners dedicated towards training and not bleeding their member schools for money. They were also dedicated towards proper ethics in rank, time in grade, and testing procedures. In short, we kept our friendships, we continued training together, and we put the ICHF history behind us as lessons learned. We certainly learned what not to do!

 "To understand our concept of brotherhood you really must understand our history. To the outsider it may appear as we attempted to form another ICHF. Why would we do that? It was what we all hated about the Martial Arts, goofy magazine ads, no rank ethics, negative role models and mediocre training. We formed out of the desire to continue training together and keeping ethical rank and training standards."
                                                                                         - F. Ehnle
 We all left the ICHF at different times and we were all in our schools doing our own thing. Master Ehnle contacted everyone to see to see if they were willing to continue to work together and form our own group. Everyone agreed and we started up with five schools working together in central florida. Shihan Santos was not a former ICHF member, just a good friend we met along the way. Aikido and Hapkido are sister styles and he is an awesome practitioner and a truly great person.

  We can have brotherhood because of our proximity. Master Phil and Master Ehnle train together at instructor classes, we visit each others Black Belt testings and we do training events, clinics, and seminars together.  We have also become very good friends. When visiting Orlando with Masters Rodriquez and Shihan Santos we go to dinner with our wives, and we enjoy each others company and have for many many years. This is a true Martial Arts brotherhood.

 We extended the AHF to others because we were contacted regularly by schools outside of Florida. Master Rodriquez and I made many friends around the country while in the ICHF. People enjoyed our training and our personalities. We have opened up the AHF to all of our former friends who are looking for a better alternative. Of course, it is more difficult for those schools to take part in the brotherhood and events because of distance and travel, however we could not just close the doors to anyone outside of Florida. Many former and current ICHF contact us for information. Many of them have experienced what we all experienced and they are ready for a change.

 The big difference is true brotherhood and passion for Hapkido. You will notice a huge difference in those motivated by the martial arts vs. those motivated solely by money. Visiting each others Black Belt testings and having multiple Masters sit on the testing panel at different schools, having instructor training classes, clinics with special guests (Like Prof. Dill and others) and just our friendship is what we consider brotherhood. Our students meet and train with each other and there is a real sense of being part of something larger than just your own school.  
 Our internet presence may allow us to share more with schools across the country, however our goal is not to be the ICHF. Our goal is to continue training together as a group and if others want to be a part, so be it. Growth will happen naturally when others realize what a true organization should be. You can only fool people for so long. We will stay true to who we are, motivated by training, not our bottom line, not marketing, and certainly not bleeding our schools for every penny they have with senseless fees. The AHF is what it is and we welcome all who are truly focused on training and not the almighty dollar.

 In several instances in my career I have learned "what not to do" by those who were supposedly higher rank than myself. You can learn as much from negative role models as you can from positive role models. Learning "what not to do" is sometimes even more beneficial than learning what to do. Someone else has made all the mistakes for you.

Our model for an organization and for our schools is based on what others have taught us not to do.



* Beware of the Diploma Mill organizations that do not require testings for instructor rank
These organizations claim legitimacy under "Korean" organizations meanwhile they've just created  their own legitimacy and their own rank with no true standards of rank or instructor levels. They either have no real testing and just collect a check, or their testings are the 1/2 hour jump through the hoop style testing.

* Beware the Diploma Mill organizations that certify anyone as an instructor or school owner 
These organizations sell  anyone a Charter and Instructor certificate. They only care about bottom line and total numbers. This means your reject and renegade black belts with no instructor experience could own a school in your home town. It doesn't mean they'll do well, but these organizations will certify anyone even those from your school that do not qualify for an instructor position. 

* Beware of the Diploma Mill organizations with the Grandmaster that does not know his curriculum.
 Some bogus organizations have a "Grand Master"  leader with a curriculum he took from his instructor and he could not possibly pass a legitimate physical test on his own curriculum. You would be shocked to find out who "poses" as a Grandmaster. These bogus Grandmasters reach super high Dan ranking without putting in the correct number of years per Dan and most importantly they aren't talented enough or qualified for that Dan ranking. These supposed leaders need others in their organization to cover subjects that they have no chance of teaching.  Avoid the "Poser" Grandmasters, find an organization with real Martial Arts skill and leaders who know their entire curriculum. 

 * Beware of Diploma Mill organizations that charge you per student. There are fees for everything.
In the money driven bogus organization you must send in a fee when your students enroll. You must send a renewal for each student every year. You must renew your instructor license, your charter, your use of there federation school name, etc.etc. It can cost you thousands of dollars just to deal with these bogus organizations each year. Most reputable organizations have simple and low renewal fees for your school and will not bleed your bank account dry.

* Do your research on the Internet and at Martial Arts events
These diploma mill (magazine ad) style organizations are fading fast. There is so much negativity on the Internet and being discussed at Martial Arts events that they will soon have nowhere to hide. It isn't long before the bogus Grandmasters are revealed, and the "write a check for rank" policies are exposed. Join an ethical Martial Arts organization not a money driven multi-level marketing scheme organization.


1) To earn a black belt should require three to five years of training depending on age, physical skill
and experience level. Each additional dan ranking should required the appropriate number of
years. For example; 2 years to second dan, 3 years to 3rd, 4 years to 4th, etc.

2) The AHF is a rank registry and membership organization. We do not mandate curriculum or
specific safety standards. The school owners are solely responsible for the quality of their
students and the safety of their environment. Partner safety should be first and foremost for
all Hapkidoists. The AHF is not responsible or liable for the safety standards of their
individual or charter members. If a school or individual is not practicing Hapkido up to
acceptable skill level or safety standards, membership will be revoked.

3) All black belts should be skilled in defending themselves in a real world scenario. All self
defense skills should end with the assailant on the ground and/or in a controlled, pain compliant
position or disabled to the point of not being able to continue the attack.

4) AHF schools should welcome AHF members for guest training on a limited visiting pass.

5) AHF instructors should be knowledgeable in the concepts behind Hapkido techniques.
This includes but is not limited to, direction of energy, support hand, footwork, resistance,
balance disruption, distraction, lock hand, vital and pressure points.

6) Master level instructors are required to test on the above subjects.

7) AHF logo and name cannot be used if membership is not current. All use of the AHF logo
and name will cease and desist upon expiration of membership.

8) AHF product branding is not permitted. The AHF retains sole rights to product branding.
The AHF logo may not be used in any way without written permission.

9) AHF members and instructors agree to the above code of ethics. Any violation of these
ethics can result in immediate loss of membership.

10) AHF retains sole rights to instructor certification. No martial artist can claim instructor
certification without AHF approval and Charter member status.