HAP - To Combine In Harmony KI - Power of Mind and Body DO - A way of life

A complete self defense system, Hapkido incorporates the redirection of force found in Aikido and Ju Jitsu, the devastating joint locks and throws found in Chinese systems (also known as Chin Na), and the kicking and striking techniques of Tae Kwon Do. There are many styles of Hapkido although traditional Hapkido or Yuwara was said to be a soft style. Modern  Hapkido  incorporates both "hard" and "soft" techniques. The founder of Hapkido is Choi Yong Sul, or more information on Choi Yong Sul and the History of Hapkido Click Here.

  The literal translation of Hapkido is the art of combining the power of our mind, body and spirit. This art is joint locking, manipulation, leverage, pressure points, grappling, and pain compliance using high level hand to hand skills. Hapkido also features various weapons. In our school system we focus on Modern Hapkido applications, however we also cover skills, techniques, drills and terminology  from Kuk Sool, and Traditional Hapkido. In Hapkido it is possible to defeat a much larger and stronger opponent by focusing on their weakness, and using their strength against them. Hapkido is excellent for women, children, those in law enforcement, or anyone interested in learning an extremely powerful art of pure self-defense. The art consists of hundreds of effective techniques designed to be learned by anyone, regardless of your size, or strength. 

The art of Hapkido was once considered the art of Royalty and it dates back to the spread of Buddhism and Confucianism and similar techniques found in Chinese "Chin-Na". The Buddhist monks who practiced this art were summoned to the Royal Palaces to teach the Royal family skills which would allow them to protect themselves against the criminal element of that era. This Art of Royalty came back into the public eye in Korea during the Korean war where soldiers were given an edge with this powerful hand to hand art. In the late 1950's and early 1960's  modern day Hapkido and Kuk Sool schools opened in Korea, and then spread around the Globe. . Now this traditional  Martial Art can be learned by anyone with the desire for self-improvement and self-empowerment. The American Hapkido Federation proudly teaches this ancient Martial Art.

Our organization is a proud member of the World Hapkido Association.




  We have one of the most active adult training Martial Arts programs in Tampa/ Brandon area.  Adults training together is a safe, clean family atmosphere. We average between 15 and 20 adults in each Hapkido class. We have Hapkido classes Tues, Thurs & Saturday. Advanced training classes on Friday.  Friendly experienced and knowledgeable adult staff. Peaceful defensive approach to training. Safe and healthy training for your mind and body. No Federation fees, No annual renewal fees, etc. Just traditional and ethical Martial Arts training. A spacious 3500 Square Foot Training facility. Two classrooms, personal fitness gym, professional training mats, clean and  separate male and female restrooms. A State of the Art Hapkido training environment.

  You can expect a fun and enlightening first class with plenty of help and guidance from the instructor & senior ranks. We prepare the new Martial Artist for their journey towards black belt. As with any other activity we allow time for your body & mind to adapt to the new skills and movements.



Mission Statement:
In over 20 years of Martial Arts experience I have witnessed the unethical and "for profit" organizations. I have seen the supposed 9th Dan Grandmasters who buy their way to that rank and cannot even demonstrate a fraction of their curriculum. I have witnessed the paper salesman, drinking, smoking, cussing Grandmaster who offers Dan certificates for sale without even a basic testing review. It was after experiencing that type of dysfunction and total lack of ethics that I decided to form an honorable organization and The American Hapkido Federation was born.

 The American Hapkido Federation is an ethical organization which promotes the Martial Art style of Hapkido in the United States with the highest of moral and ethical standards.  This organization earns the respect of all practitioners worldwide with higher traditional Martial Art rank and training standards. A.H.F. Black Belts represent true Black Belt rank.  In our organization you earn your rank, you demonstrate rank, and your rank represents real skill and effort.  Some organizations sell their dan ranks like clockwork. Our organization you must earn your dan, put in the proper time in grade and test appropriately for your rank.

 This is a true Martial Arts organization dedicated to the preservation of traditional Martial Arts rank standards including; ethical time in grade, physical skills, moral behavior, and  instructor student hierarchy and protocols.   All A.H.F. schools, instructors, and black belts  meet the highest of professional rank standards and are professionally reviewed and tested on all levels. Black Belt Dan ranks consist of the proper expert skills as well as the proper time in grade spent at each Dan.  You will see the difference in A.H.F. standards and in our schools, instructors and Black Belts. Our focus is to represent the standards of real Martial Arts training and skill.  If you are looking for a progressive new wave of Hapkido organization that focuses on real training and ethical standards, email the A.H.F. Logon to the AHF Website www.USHapkido.com


 Our focus is for students to truly understand the concepts and principles behind the art and putting in the correct effort and time into developing skill.  Compare our Hapkido program:

* Street Ready, Concise detailed Hapkido Training
* Traditional Hapkido Concepts & Drills
* Reality Based Weapon Disarms
* Each Dan Rank  - 100's of techniques and Freestyle drills 
* Wrist, Garment Escapes & Control techniques
* Transition, Energy transfer & Footwork Drills * Blocks
* Balance Disruption Drills
* Joint Locking  * Throws * Ground Fighting 
* Capture Techniques & Drills 
* Cardio Training * Concept training
* Hapkido  Spin Kicks & Strikes     
* Hapkido Tumbling & Breakfalls
* Continuous Lock Transition Drills 
* Individual Takedown Freestyle Forms 
* Pressure Point & Vital Point target training
* Honorable Testing and Review standards
* Instructor Lesson Plans and Support

"A Master should never rest on his laurels, the curriculum becomes stagnant, limited, and suffers. When an instructor is motivated, does his homework, takes responsibility, the curriculum is complete, challenging, and has no end."

Extensive Black Belt Program

* Black Belt Curriculum Features 100's of Techniques 
* Each Dan Rank Techniques are Provided at six month intervals
* Scenario Training * Confidence Training * Reality Training
* Street Sparring * Moral & Spiritual Training  
* Ki Breathing Drills
* Extensive four phase Ground Fighting program
* Multiple Attacker Strategies   *  Weapon disarms
* Weapons Training   * Training Seminars 
* Advanced Takedown & Disable drills
* Concise Instructor Training Program
* Pressure point Applications for Hapkido

" The Black Belt curriculum is when the individual Martial Artist takes form. No longer do all students train the same. An instructor must now shape each student to highlight the strengths, strengthen the weakness, and train the mind and spirit."